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Less salt and sugar with Kingusto

Kingusto is a natural, clean label, taste-enhancing ingredient which can be used to reduce salt and sugar in your product. As a result, Kingusto is a powerful ingredient that meets the demand for healthier food products.

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Effects in applications

In general, a Kingusto addition of just 0.1 – 0.2% results in significant effects in savoury applications like soups, sauces. etc.

Kingusto has the potential to:

  • Enhance taste
  • Reduce salt up to 50%
  • Reduce sugar up to 25%
  • Replace MSG/Yeast extracts
  • Reduce both salt and sugar
  • Mask bitter tastes

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Addition of 0.15% Kingusto reduces 50% salt

0% 50% 100%

Amount of salt without Kingusto

Amount of salt with 0.15% Kingusto

Benefit: 50% less salt

Our products

kingusto Liquid

Kingusto Liquid

100% mushroom extract concentrate

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kingusto Powder

Kingusto Powder

45% mushroom extract dry matter + 55% maltodextrin

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How Kingusto works

Kingusto introduces and enhances the umami flavour in your product. Umami is a pleasant savoury taste produced by glutamate and ribonucleotides which occur naturally in foods, including mushrooms. The ribonucleotides inosinate and guanylate do not activate the umami taste receptors in the mouth on their own, but they amplify the umami sensation caused by glutamate. Kingusto contains all those molecules, and that is why Kingusto is so powerful.

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How Kingusto works


The addition of this amount of Kingusto to certain products can reduce the visualized amount of salt, sugar and MSG without affecting the taste.


Kingusto and Prochamp Ingredients

Kingusto is a product of Prochamp Ingredients, part of the quality-controlled food chain of the Peffer Group and has every aspect of mushroom production in-house, from composting and mushroom growing to canning and extraction. This guarantees constant high product quality and 100% traceability, the traceability of the ingredients of the mushroom substrate right up to the final Kingusto product – another unique aspect of Kingusto!

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